Ferris Wheel


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Indet., regular leaf, beautiful large pink beefsteaks with outstanding delicious flavor and meaty flesh. 10-16 oz. 10 Seeds.


  • Released by Salzer Seed Company in 1898.
  • Craig LeHoullier dug this out of the USDA collection (found on GRIN, NSL 27341) just for kicks due to its curious name. When he found it listed in many of his Salzer’s seed catalogs, he realized that it was indeed a very old variety, and he has traced it back to 1898. It could be a few years older, but not as old as 1894 (it does not appear in that catalog). Ferris Wheel is likely a very similar variety to the other large fruited regular leaf pinks from that era, such as Ponderosa (Henderson Seed Company) and Buckeye State (Livingston).
  • No commercial sources noted for 2004 in Garden Seed Inventory 6th edition, but it is now available from Tomato Geeks and other commercial vendors.


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