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Once in a while a massive tomato variety comes to light. Joe acquired this Tomato in a rather whimsical way; he was dining in Hartford, Connecticut at a restaurant owned by a Spanish immigrant and he started to talk about tomatoes with the owner. One thing led to another and Joe went out to his car and brought in a basket of newly harvested tomatoes of every color and size. The Spaniard was impressed, but excused himself to return with something that he presented by saying, “ Now here is a tomato!” It was a massive three pound beauty, deep orange red in color and according to Pepe a tomato that he had acquired from a neighbor more than twenty years ago. Pepe did not have a name for it, but beened to say that it was the best tasting tomato that he knew. His sister even came and vouched for it. Pepe sent for another one to be sliced up in the kitchen and it appeared at our table drizzled with Olive oil! Fantastic! Joe named this in honor of Pepe who has maintained this monster for the last couple of decades. It is a very impressive tomato! 20 Seeds. Pre-Order now as I am sure these will go fast!


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