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From the Heritage Seed Market Website:
“Angelina’s Italian” was brought to the United States from Italy, by Angelin Genovese in 1931. The shapes of this heirloom are fantastic. Angelina’s Italian reminds me very much of Albenga, except that the fruits are smaller, and the flesh is much thicker and it is rather juicy. The taste is clean and balanced, just what I want to use for multi-purposes such as slicing into a salad, cooking into a sauce, or dehydrating. I suppose it may not be considered as a paste variety due to the juiciness, but the thick, dense flesh makes me classify it as a paste in my own mind.

The plant was very vigorous and wanted to be quite tall in my pickle bucket. Fruit production was early (very early, like right after White Rabbit and Wee Tang Shebang…about the same time as June Pink), continued, and abundant. I often struggle with blossom end rot in elongated varieties, but Angelina’s Italian had no BER. Overall, a very pretty, impressive and above all, EASY, tomato to grow. 10 Seeds.


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