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Absolutely amazing experience visiting, Jerry’ s green house personally. So much knowledge in one man! We drove 14.5 hours round trip to pick up our tomato selection. In the process we ended up leaving with more than we initially ordered! Well worth the trip. We’re headed back in, June! He takes a lot of pride in what he does. Won’t buy tomatoes from anyone else. Even if it requires a yearly 14.5 hour drive. Would order again from, Tomato Geeks in a heartbeat!

I can not say enough good words about Jerry and his company.. He is a good and honest man who has a huge heart and more knowledge than most of us will ever accumulate, yet unlike many gardeners who keep the secrets of the trade to themselves, Jerry will freely share his knowledge. I will continue to buy tomatoes from Jerry every year. I feel fortunate that I was able to actually meet him in person. I received very high quality organic plants that were disease free. Upon transplanting, these starters immediately took off. I have not had one problem from one single plant, and I purchased 30+ plants from him. I would encourage anyone who is interested in growing tomatoes to purchase them from Jerry.

I had lost all my prized tomato plants from torrential rains and early blight. I sought Jerry’s help in getting my plants replaced. He sent me replacement plants immediately and they arrived quickly and in great condition! Only very slight wilt, that cleared up with watering, per Jerry’s instructions. I’ve ordered a lot of plants over the years, from many different places but, none have looked​ better than these! Jerry’s help didn’t stop there. He advised me on how to organically control the blight with the few remaining plants I had and how to protect the new ones from it, as well. His numerous years of experience and vast knowledge of Tomatoes saved my summer! All my plants are doing great and look fantastic!

THE BEST TOMATO PLANTS!!! Jerry thank you so much for the plants I received in the mail. They came in great condition and I can really see how you go the extra mile to ensure the plants are safe and healthy! Thank you Jerry!

I got close to 40 plants. All came quick and packaged with care. Anytime you get something like this shipped you never know how they will arrive from the post office handling! Happy to say I only lost one that I broke while removing from the package 🙁 after replanting, light and feed they shot up in size. Very happy and I also got lots of follow up advice whenever I needed it. Thank you!

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